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We are serious about training, so we can have fun with our dogs.

This training is a no nonsense, simple, results oriented approach to get your dog trained, stable, and reliable.

There are no fancy gimmicks, magical products, or special treats to sell you.

We do real training. The equipment needed is very simple. If you are a gadget lover, you will be disappointed by the simplicity of what we do.

Results, and reliability on lead, or off lead is the most important criteria when selecting a dog training program.

If it does not work, then it is not training.

If you are one who would enjoy a stable, reliable, well trained dog as a companion, call me.

Unleashed Paw-Tential Private Dog Training

Ellie’s Owner had been ill, so I am working with Ellie on this day. she has had about 3 lessons, done at her home, and I decided a little agility along with her lesson would do her good. First part of the video is her doing agility for the first time, the second part is the obedience lesson. Ellie is not fearful, shy, or timid, instead she is over exuberant, hyperactive, wild child
Ellie did above average with her first agility session, but she is a hyper, athletic dog. which helps.

Sitting calmly,and behaving is not something Persia does well, nor even wants to do. Persia was a growling barking barking lunger, who would turn on the handler from frustration of not getting to go to what she wanted.

Any dog within sight was a strong distraction for Persia, so imagine what a distraction dogs playing and rough housing are for her.

Persia does have a wonderful affectionate side to her, she is just easily overwhelmed by distractions.

Charlie was a shy, timid dog, who was not afraid to use teeth to keep people away. He now goes to the pet supply house, and other places and is very out going, and charming. The term used by people who meet, and interact with him. ” I have never seen a well behaved Cocker before”.

Duke above, and in the video to the right

Duke came to me with some aggression issues, Duke had 7 different homes before he was 11 months old, due to aggression, he was a pulling, lunging, maniac.  Very hard to control, he could not handle multiple distractions, and when in doubt, he went ballistic. He is a fine dog now, and just keeps getting better. James, the owner, sends me lot of pictures of the activities they do on their walks. They have become quite the adventureous pair. I still see Duke for maintenance training, and our training is not for aggression, but instead we play on the play ground equipment, expand his obedience, and do tracking, tracking is Dukes favorite training, and something he is very good at

This is Apollo, a huge Dane, that makes my Danes appear small. Apollo was a horrible puller, when they arrived, for their lesson Apollo saw 2 dogs and simply pulled the owner about 50 feet to go see them. That is no longer a problem, and Apollo is a very enjoyable walking companion now.

My 4 dogs in a stay, when the mailman came, and I walked out to meet him.
That is a pretty good temptation for any dog

Aggression issues accepted

We want to help those dogs, and people which need us the most.
Fundamental Goals of Training

FIx behavior issues, so they do not need to be managed
Teaching the dog how to best keep its home
Teach the home how to best keep its dog.

Well this is just plain showing off of what can be done with proper training.

The world is a dangerous place for a dog.

There are a lot of things out there vying for its attention, other dogs squirrels, rabbits, birds, cars, bicycles, pedestrians, skateboards, and an vast assorted of smells.

Leashes do get dropped, leashes do break, things just happen, and it is never at a convenient moment.

Training makes the world a much safer place for your dog.

Duke having a bit of fun tracking, I threw my keys over into the tall grass, and Duke’s owner sent him in to find them. He is either good, or I am lucky.

Other two tracks are in the woods, with me hiding, very hard tracks. Duke did well, but he is a natural tracker.

Romeo, 3 year old Coonhound
Romeo is going through Basic training, and doing so well, we are advancing him at a rapid pace into advanced

Only 5 weeks into training

We Train

them All